Delivering powerful social media & digital marketing solutions


The bread and butter of Solved Social Media. As a primarily social media based business for several years, this is what made SSM a company. Design, creation, management, advertising and lead generation, Solved Social Media can create a customized social media solution to fit your needs. ​

Social Marketing & Advertising

What you post on your social media is paramount to keeping an engaged sphere of influence interested in your business and what it has to offer. Solved Social Media creates daily content that is customized and posted on your behalf to make the greatest impact on your community and target audience. 

Custom Content

Perhaps you want to set up a simple monthly newsletter to stay in contact with your current clients or maybe you want a fully automated,  targeted multi-email pipeline for new prospects visiting your website. Solved Social Media can cater each and ever modern day strategy to produce the best results for open rates and repeat business. 

Email Marketing & Automation
Lead  Capture

All the advertising in the world to the most targeting demographic possible will not do you any good if you can't capture your lead's information. We offer customize landing and lead capture pages designed and optimized for the highest conversion rate possible. 

 Website, Branding &
Logo Design

Your identity and more importantly your brand is everything, especially on the web. Whether you are a brand new business and or you've been in the game for years, Solved Social Media makes sure to create new or optimize your current digital assets together for the perfect combination of professionalism & efficacy

Photography & Video

Whether you need high quality pictures taken for an important event or to showcase your business' products/goods, Solved Social Media can provide photography & video services to capture everything (in HD 1080p of course). ​